Past Meetings & Presentations

2017 – 2018 Program Year

David Jarvis, Scott Davis and Lawrence Dean- Houston Housing Post-Harvey

Scott Livermore – The Outlook for the Global Economy and the Implications for Houston


2016 – 2017 Program Year

Patrick Jankowski – Houston Economic Overview

Gregory Daco – Global Economic Outlook: The good, the bad and the ugly

Amrita Sen – Time for an Oil Change

Luis Torres – Houston’s Housing Market: The Struggle Between Supply and Demand

Boyd Nash-Stacey – Generational Opportunity: The State of Millennials

G. Allen Brooks – Politics and the Current State of Energy

Robert A. Dye – 2017: U.S. Consumers Forge Ahead, but Differently, Millennials vs Boomers


2015 – 2016 Program Year

John E. Silvia – Economics and Finance in a Two-Percent Economy

Mark D. Taylor & Bruce Rutherford – Houston By The Numbers (Mark D. Taylor) & Outlook for Commercial Real Estate (Bruce Rutherford)

Lisa Emsbo – Mattingly – 5 Key Topics for the Markets and Economy

Sara Rutledge – Why Houston (An Investment Perspective on Local Commercial Real Estate)

Andrew Lipow – The Price of Oil & You

Jim Gaines – Texas Housing Market and the Price of Oil


2014 – 2015 Program Year

Greg Haas – HEC Oil and Gas Fundamentals – Moving from Excess to Exports

Tony Payan – Mexico’s Energy Reform: Challenges of Implementation 

Vivian Ho – The Affordable Care Act: Is Healthcare Becoming More Affordable?

Nathaniel Karp – BBVA Research Economic Outlook

Michelle Foss – EEEK-onomics EPA and Texas


2013 – 2014 Program Year

Joel Kotkin – The Houston Model

Ian Wadsworth – Trends Shaping Houston Airports

David Jarvis – Houston’s Housing Outlook

Mine Yücel, Ph.D. – Texas Economic Outlook

Dan Bellow – 2014: Houston Commercial Real Estate

Houston Region Economic Outlook – John Silvia, Ph.D. (Economic Outlook: Cyclical Recovery, Structural Challenges) and Patrick Jankowski, CCR (Houston Region Economic Outlook)

Randy Cohen – The Arts Mean Business for Houston

Marianne Kah – The Economic Future of Oil and Natural Gas in Texas

Robert A. Dye, Ph.D. – The Comerica Bank U.S. Economic Outlook: Emerging From the Shadow of the Great Recession


2012 – 2013 Program Year

Ken Simonson – Construction & Materials Outlook

John Felmy, Ph.D. – Energizing America: Facts for Addressing Energy Policy

Martha Gilchrist Moore – Outlook for the Chemical Industry: Shale Gas Changes Everything

Bill Gilmer, Ph.D. – Another Good Year for Houston in 2013: But Fewer Jobs and Higher Risk

KC Conway – What’s ImPORTant in 2013?

Captain Bill Diehl – The Port of Houston – A Virtual Tour and Economics

Steve Cochrane, Ph.D. – Risks to the Economic Outlook and Their Implications for the Southwest

David Crossley – Houston at a Crossroads

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Ph.D. – Economic and Auto Industry Perspectives


2011 – 2012 Program Year

John Silvia, Ph.D. – Economic Outlook: Cyclical Recovery, Structural Challenges

Adrian Cooper – Advanced Economics: Deeper Crisis or Turning Point?

David Luttrell – Economic Update

Richard Froeschle – The Changing Face of the Texas Labor Market

Andrew Slaughter – Prudent Development Realizing the Potential of North America’s Oil and Gas Resources

Dr. Mark Emmert – Media Coverage – NCAA President on Realignment, Full Cost of Attendence, APR, Mafia Comparisons and more

Dr. Mark Dotzour – How Bad Can it Get and Who’s To Blame?

Dale Craymer – Dealing with Texas’ Fiscal Challenges


2010 – 2011 Program Year

Ed Wulfe – The Economics of Quality of Life

Vivian Ho – The Economic Impact of Healthcare Reform

Dr. Kevin Swift – Outlook for the Global Chemistry Industry: How will the Gulf Coast Participate in the Upswing?

Keith Phillips – 2011 Economic Outlook: Texas to Ride Higher in the Saddle

Harvey Rosenblum – The Improved Economic Outlook for 2011

Dr. Mark Dotzour – The Economic Outlook for Investors and Decsion Makers


2009 – 2010 Program Year

Skip York – North American Oil and Gas Market: Prospects for Recovery

Bob Mitchell – The Future of the Johnson Space Center and JSC Fact Sheet

Dr. Alison Lynn Reaser – U.S. Economic Outlook: Will the Headwinds or Tailwinds Prevail?

Harvey Rosenblum – Economic Outlook for 2010

Ted Jones – New Business Model for the 2010 Economy Adapt, Mutate, Relocate or Die

Chris Varvares – This Recovery is for Real: Solid, Sustainable, but Sub Par


2008 – 2009 Program Year

Matthew Rose – Transportation for Tomorrow

Kenneth D. Simonson – A Stimulating Time for Construction?

Dr. Michelle Michot Foss – Climate Science and Economics: Why Skepticism Matters

Dr. Neriman Behravesh – The Outlook for the U.S. and World Economies

Dr. Mark Dotzour – The Economic Outlook for 2009

Vivian Ho, Ph.D. – Are Rising Health Care Costs Inevitable?

Dan Monticello – Building the Biotechnology Sector in Houston